Radiance 1
Radiance 2
Radiance 3


Solo Exhibition, 2006. Mcpherson Gallery

Artists statement:

The continuing theme of the shield has addressed my artwork over a number of years. The form is a vehicle not only of protection bur also of personal ideals and has previously concerned the rites of passage, universal myths, the collective unconscious and peace and social justice issues.

Radiance, the title of this collection of art works, employs the shield as a celebration of “spanda”, the Sanskrit term for the natural vibration and energy of the universe.  Like “Anima Mundi” the soul or spirit of the world, “spanda” is the inherent energy in all beings and exists in the very particles that compose all matter.

The images are derived from personal drawings, scientific data, mythology and natural and man made artifacts using individually rendered silk screen printing technique. 

Radiance = Brightness shooting in stars, luster, brilliancy, splendor.

All works acrylic on perspex. 85x60



Radiance Flyer